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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.

Why join the navy... if you can be a Pirate?

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  • Info calendar

    April 23 to 30, 2016

  • Info location

    Qendra Rinore Tirane – Tirana Youth Center

  • Info languages

    Some presentations in English.

    Work in Albanian.

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Brace yourself, Startup Pirates is in town

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Startup Pirates is arriving in Tirana, Albania!

For the first time in Western Balkans the Startup Pirates Ship is here and it is anchoring in Albania.

We'll be gathering the most promising aspiring entrepreurs and fearless experienced guests to share and learn together.

You'll have the opportunity and the tools to develop an idea from scratch. But if you think Startup Pirates is only about developing one idea, think again. This is a whole experience, the ultimate entrepreneurship trial, the entrance to a unique and exclusive worldwide community of changemakers and the boost you've been waiting for.

Do you wanna know what former participants say about their experince here? Do you wanna know the results we've been conquering?

This is going to be intense, but only the more fearless will survive. Arrr you up to the challenge?

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